Triplet Pizza Deal


Get three 10 inch pizzas plus three chicken wings, three cheese balls, three chicken nuggets, three chicken strips, and fries.

This meal also includes three dips and three soft drinks, as well as a small green salad.

  • 3 x 10 inch pizzas
  • 3 x Chicken wings
  • 3 cheese balls
  • 3 Chicken nuggets
  • 3 Chicken strips
  • French fries
  • 3 Dips
  • 3 Soft drinks
  • Small green salad


Enjoy a delicious feast for the whole family with three 10-inch personal pizzas, three crispy chicken wings, three fried cheese balls, three breaded chicken nuggets, three chicken strips, a side of French fries, three dips of your choice, three soft drinks, and a small green salad.